• We helped PacTrust Bank, a publicly-traded company, rebrand as Banc of California, creating consistent imagery and messaging across sites for eight different divisions.  In addition, we created a WordPress multisite network housing individual sites for their hundreds of loan officers, all while working within the strict messaging and compliance restrictions of the lending industry.

  • We developed a community-driven restaurant directory for Shamrock Foods that combines information aggregated from Google and Yelp with community contributions.

  • The Independent Voter Network (IVN) is a platform for unfiltered political news and policy analysis from independent-minded authors, bound only by a simple etiquette.

    Among other projects, we developed an algorithm for IVN using comment interaction, traffic, ratings, and social interaction to develop highly time-sensitive “popularity scores” for posts in order to track and promote trending topics.

  • With three locations spread throughout Manhattan, International Preschools approached us to both redesign their website and build a portal for parents. Due to the sensitive privacy concerns of parents, we were tasked with building a highly secure solution wherein users were able to receive regular reports, photographs, and messages from teachers.  Communications are maintained in an archive where they can be accessed for years to come.

  • We designed and built a WordPress-based platform for a multi-site network used by many of Trout Unlimited’s local conservancy campaigns.

  • We designed and built a cost-effective method to automate randomized drug tests to comply with regulatory and court-ordered requirements.

    call2test features integrated phone and a secure web-based system with nearly true randomization, automated call-in notification, voice authentication, alerts, call recording, and easy-to-share reports.

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  • Access Recreation Boston

    Working with this Boston-based non-profit, we helped rebrand the organization, rebuilt their site, and created a calendar that is not only filterable by location and date, but age-group and dis/ability, all while paying close attention to accessibility concerns, making sure the site was easily used by all.

  • The Rockefeller University

    We created a custom website based on the university’s existing site design to accommodate unique needs for the Science & Economics Program.  This site utilized complex algorithms and Javascript to deliver content in a unique way.

  • We redesigned the site using existing branding, along with new video and content to streamline and modernize the company’s Web presence.

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  • Hotchkiss Consulting provides ongoing development and has created a custom marketing plugin for this daily law practice management daily tip site.

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  • We created custom “issue” functionality for the American Association of Neurosurgeons which allows users to browse the site like issues of a magazine.  When viewing an article from a previous issue, all of the content of the site changes to present the information in the same context that it was initially given.

  • Avi Chai

    We created a custom theme with the ability to switch between English and Hebrew, which presented a unique set of challenges as Hebrew is a right-to-left language, requiring the entire design to change in orientation.

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Sam was great at taking our ideas, building on them, and bringing it all the way home. Our scribbled ideas on the back of coasters are now a living, breathing website that has had quarterly revenue growth for the past two years.

Greg M.

One of the best consulting firms I have ever worked with. Everything came in on time, communication was really great, and both our team and HCG had a lot of fun building or site.

Richard P.

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